I am amazed that I need to add more groups to this tracker everyday. It appears that some Russian groups are getting more active in particular against the various Anonymous variants.

It continues to be crowded and you’d think the chance for a miscalculation increases daily — Russia has already declared that if its satellite system is impacted then its an act of war.

The stakes are certainly not as high as the fighting happening in Ukraine, we must not forget that the cyber fighting cannot even compare with what is happening kinetically. But, the stakes in cyberspace have been elevated — it is remarkable to watch unfold.

Update 4. Cyber group tracker: Ukraine-Russia war 2022.

Changed Conti ransomware gang to UNK from Russia — since there is a lot of speculation after their chat logs were leaked.

AgainstTheWest disbanded — then split in two: Are now Bluehornet and ATW2

People have asked why I have included Litemods and DDoSsecrets — this list is a record of those involved in the conflict. These two may not be directly conducting attacks but they have been targeted and are influential to other Anonymous variants.

HiddenCobra is advertised by Digital Cobra as working with them. I think its unlikely that is the actual Hidden Cobra APT from North Korea. — One to watch.

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