Update 23. 2023 Russia-Ukraine War — Cybertracker. May 03.

2 min readMay 3, 2023

Second #cybertracker for 2023

A quick reminder: The Cybertracker I produce for the Russia-Ukraine war is based on Intent of the threat actors, not capability.

I will start this with an apology, I have had many reach-out to ask when the next cybertracker would be released as I missed March and April for updates.

To all those waiting my apologies, hopefully the May edition provides the insights and information you need. I will have likely missed something as it gets harder and harder for one person to monitor the whole situation, if you see anything that should be added please reach out — either via email or Twitter DM.

Some notes from the 23rd cybertracker:

  • pro-Russian groups continue to outnumber pro-Ukraine (that does not include impact of attacks — purely groups numbers)
  • Pro-Russian groups continue to seek improved capabilities to match their high intent.
  • Increased shift into cyber-crime for pro-Russian groups.
  • Killnet now has access to Titan Stealer and a new botnet — Tesla botnet — expect improved attack capability from them.
  • AS Sudan continues to shift away from geopolitical motivations to religious motivations.
  • noname057(16) would be the most active of all the pro-Russian groups.
  • pro-Ukraine groups continue to be smaller in number due to 2 reasons. 1, IT Army Ukraine is well organized and accounts for a large amount of people who would support Ukraine in hacktivist activities. 2, many Anonymous affiliate groups continue to operate on other targets and don’t exclusively target Russia.
CyberTracker 23 — May 2023 — Cyberknow

For live updates on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war cyber events please follow — https://twitter.com/Cyberknow20




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