Update 21. 2022 Russia-Ukraine War — Cyber Group Tracker. December 19

All groups tracked since February 2022

As we approach the end of the year I felt it would be worth providing an overview of all the groups I have tracked that have been engaged in some capacity in the Russia-Ukraine war in cyberspace.

You may have noticed i refuse to use the term ‘cyber-war’ as I do not think this is what we are seeing, instead we are seeing supportive operations in cyberspace which as a subset of information warfare is not new. It is however fascinating and as far as I am aware this is the most comprehensive and complete list ever collated of groups engaged in a war zone.

Below is what I have seen since February 2022 and includes 201 groups in total.

December 19 Russia-Ukraine CyberTracker — Cyberknow.

December 19 Russia-Ukraine CyberTracker — Cyberknow.

A Caveat: These are only the groups that I have tracked since February, my key metric is intent, it would be almost impossible to verify every group on this list as to their credibility for claimed attacks, however measuring intent gives an idea of just how congested and contested the battle space is.

Some insights:

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