Update 20. 2022 Russia-Ukraine War — Cyber Group Tracker. November 28.

1 min readNov 28, 2022

My apologies, this update was delayed.

Here we are, it is November 2022 and this is the 20th cybertracker, not something I expected when I started putting them together.

It’s a lot of work but feedback tells me it is valuable to a wide-range of people so It is worth maintaining.

In this edition there were a few changes but nothing significant, it appears many Anonymous related groups really have shifted to other areas of focus such as Iran, which has been a growing trend.

It also appears the communications of choice has shifted to Telegram, which is a favorite of groups near the geological theater of war.

November 28 Russia-Ukraine CyberTracker — Cyberknow.

From here I will aim to create an 2022 cybertracker, which will have all the groups regardless of activity levels to showcase the amount that have been involved in some capacity.

For real time updates: https://twitter.com/Cyberknow20




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