Update 19. 2022 Russia-Ukraine War — Cyber Group Tracker. October 12.

It’s October 2022 and the Russia-Ukraine war continues, as a result the cybertracker is still continuing to make sure I capture all groups involved.

I still get questions about some entries on the list and I need to remind everyone that this is a tracker of intent, it would be very difficult to validate all claims so instead I track the intent of the groups.

You will notice a controversial entry in this cybertracker, Elon Musk. The reason why I have included him is that his recent comments, if intentional or not have created considerable Psyops related responses. Russian state-media has embraced them, while western leaders and hacktivist groups have denounced them pro-Russian groups have seen them as a justification for their actions.

It is also worth noting that many issue-motivated groups in western nations have also embraced the comments and are even organizing protests to support Musk’s comments.

October 12 Russia-Ukraine CyberTracker — Cyberknow.

For real-time updates on all cyber events relating to the Russia-Ukraine war: https://twitter.com/Cyberknow20



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