Update 16. 2022 Russia-Ukraine War — Cyber Group Tracker. July 14.

1 min readJul 14, 2022

Update 16 — who would have thought after the first tracker that this would still be a thing in July 2022. The most amazing thing is that the groups aren’t slowing down and are actually increasing in number.

I have attempted to make it more readable, but it gets challenging every time due to an increase in numbers and the fact I am tracking using spreadsheets.

Update 16. CyberTracker Russia-Ukraine War 14 July 2022.

Some updates on this version of the CyberTracker:

Highest number of groups in a single CyberTracker at 89.

I added 26 and removed 11 groups from the July CyberTracker.

There are 40 Pro-Russian Groups — the highest ever and close to passing Pro-Ukraine groups.

There are 44 Pro-Ukraine Groups.

There are 5 Unknown (UNK) groups — these are Chinese related state-sponsored groups that have been reported to be active against both Russia and Ukraine.

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