Update 13. 2022 Russia-Ukraine war — Cyber group tracker. May 1.

I felt that since it was a new month it was worth updating the cyber tracker. Came across 7 new Pro-Russian groups, they seem to all be DDoS groups operating on Telegram — some are brand new others are from late-March.

Pro-Ukraine groups continue to make up the largest amount of numbers, this is mostly due to the heavy involvement of Anonymous and their overwhelming commitments of support.

I have removed all the AgainstTheWest groups.

Would like to know if there are anymore Ukraine government sponsored groups active.

Update 13. May 1 —Russia-Ukraine War Cyber-Tracker

As always I will continue to work on a more comprehensive product and context around each group as I find time to tackle the task.

For real-time updates and Situational Awareness updates: https://twitter.com/Cyberknow20



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