Update 11. 2022 Russia-Ukraine war — Cyber group tracker. April 4.

Have not updated the tracker in some time — felt it was best to see if the activities and groups would settle. Still added 8 new groups but have cut the overall list down to 74.

48 are pro-Ukraine

23 are pro-Russian

3 are Unknown.

At this point it will be worth moving away from tracking ‘anyone who declares to be involved’ and start to validate if they are all bark and no bite, or if they have conducted any type of activity. For the most part it seems these groups are mostly doing activities they claim.

Cybertracker Update 11. April 4. Ukraine-Russia war.

This continues to be a work in progress and a good amount of work.

For those asking for a copy — I will when I get the time shift this to a googledocs with more context when I get the chance.

For real-time updates: https://twitter.com/Cyberknow20



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