Update 10. 2022 Russia-Ukraine war — Cyber group tracker. March 20.

1 min readMar 20, 2022

Back again with another cyber-tracker. Number 10! I am pretty surprised that there are still additional actors to add, in saying that many of these groups have been around for the entire war I just only added them to this one.

I did take the nation-state groups from https://github.com/curated-intel/Ukraine-Cyber-Operations — that is from the team at curated Intel and its pretty damn brilliant, recommend checking it out.

The current number of groups sits at 77.

51 are Pro-Ukraine in some capacity

25 are Pro-Russian in some capacity

1 in unknown — that is MustangPanada the Chinese nation-state APT who has been reported by Curated Intel and Intrusion Truth as being active in the region, it is unclear at this time if they are actually operating in relation to the conflict.

Update 10. Russia-Ukraine war cyber group tracker March 20.

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