Russia-Ukraine War Cyber-Event Map

2 min readJul 8, 2022

After several months of tracking the Russia-Ukraine war in cyberspace I felt it would be worth trying to highlight how wide spread the cyber component is globally. This has resulted in the creation of a Cyber-Event Map.

The reason I am calling it is a Cyber-Event Map and not Cyber-Attack Map is the fact that so much speculation surrounds many of the claimed attacks on countries and networks. However, the goal of the Cybertracker and now the Cyber-Event Map is not to confirm if an attack is legitimate or not, but to track and monitor the intent of the groups involved.

With that in mind I present the first Russia-Ukraine War Cyber-Event Map.

Russia-Ukraine War: Cyber-Event Map 8 July 2022.

Since the main location of the conflict is Europe I am providing an enhanced view of that region.

Russia-Ukraine War: Cyber-Event Map (EUROPE) 8 July 2022.

Some thoughts:

It appears that the cyber component of the war is spread globally, this is a result of the actions of Anonymous who are not solely focused on Russia for tactical and strategic reasons such as the ITArmyUkraine. With Anonymous and other hacktivists also targeting nations who are seen to support Russia or at least not condemn their actions.

On the Russian side, its hacktivists are happy to target a large group of the NATO and European allies who are supporting Ukraine.

This is a work in progress — if you have any countries to add or think any should be removed please reach out.

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