2022 Russia-Ukraine war — Cyber group tracker. Update 2.

The cyber battle-space of the Ukraine-Russia war 2022 continues to be congested and contested. There are reports today of more overt attacks possibly by Russian state-actors on Ukraine’s satellite and broadband internet.

There continues to be a growing number of cyber groups who are conducting ongoing DDoS and data breach attacks. Arguably the most significant piece of intelligence in the history of ransomware was also made available — the Conti leaks. They will provide an unprecedented insight into the operations of ransomware gangs.

I have reworked the list into an excel sheet — I did not think there would be this many groups and I am sure there are more, thanks to all cyber groups and researchers who have provided additions to this list.

Cyber groups Ukraine-Russia War 2022 Update 2.

For real-time updates: https://twitter.com/Cyberknow20



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