2022 Russia-Ukraine war — Cyber group tracker.

Ukraine Flag on screen

Since even before the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine I have been tracking cyber-groups that have been conducting some form of cyber-attacks in support of either side. The following list is what I have come across — all of these have conducted some form of attack or declared allegiance since the outbreak of the war.

The idea is to make this an open project and get community input to make sure we capture all the actors during the conflict as a reference source. It will be value data as a case study of what it may like look for future conflicts, big or small and how different elements of cyberspace may engage in ‘warfare’.

This is a living table and will change as we get more information — it is correct as of 27 FEB 2022.

Cyber-groups engaged during the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war

Reach out if this table needs changes or if you have groups to add. When we have more time we will include full attack details and include additional context.

This table will be updated daily and for real-time updates follow on twitter:




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